About BE

About us


  • To Build a Buddhist Entrepreneurs Network and promote business within Network.


  • Promote Business Within a Community.
  • Provide Business opportunity to the member
  • Provide employment through this portal for all .
  • Follow the path of buddist panchashila in Business practice.


  • To promote and protect the Commercial, Industrial and Professional interest of the Buddhist community, scheduled caste, scheduled tribes and other minorities and disadvantaged groups.
  • To act as facilitator, guide, organiser, liaisoner, co-ordinator and provide intelligence, promote, encourage, develop entrepreneurship of said communities.
  • Provide platform to make policy decision, provide policy support, financial assistance, develop institutional organisations.
  • Provide support in set up and development of industries, trade, research and development.
  • Map the processes and propose remedial measures, training in techniques, processing industry, marketing techniques, optimum efficient utilization of existing resources.
  • Provide international linkages to promote commerce, trade, industrial development in the said communities in the field of products, processes and services and R&D & technical collaboration and to promote and execute projects whether in India or abroad. To encourage friendly feelings and unanimity among involved community and associations on all the subjects connected with the common good.